5 Easy for Determining Pregnancy at Home

banner1Being pregnant is one of the most magical moments for the girls in their life. It is the moment, they realise that a new life is taking shape within her. A few years back,after missing the scheduled date for monthly period, the girl had to go to the doctor and based on the advice of doctor, they had to do some tests. The result used to come after a long anxious wait. However, the whole process was very time taking and delayede the decision making process for the couple who wished to go for an abortion. Nowadays home based pregnancy test in Kolkata has increased a lot with the ready availability of the pregnancy kits. Here are basic 5 steps, following which one can be able to know the status of pregnancy through home test for pregnancy.

Buy a Kit: If a girl had an intercourse without protection and missed the scheduled date for the monthly period, it is advisable to take a home pregnancy test. However, there are several girls who do not used have a regular periodic cycle. For them also, it is  advisable take a test to determine the pregnancy status if they have indulged in any sexual intercourse during last cycle. They can buy home pregnancy kit from any neighbourhood medical stores without any prescription. However, while buying the kit they must look for the expiry date printed on the pack. As using a kit, which has already expired will not give correct results. In addition, one must also ensure that the packet is intact and is not opened from anywhere.

Time of Test: However, once you have missed the date of period the next day you can do the test at home. However, usually it is advisable to wait for a week long before doing the test. Yes, it is difficult to wait while one is  anxious about her pregnancy status. Waiting for a week gives more accurate results as the level of HCG hormone used to determine the pregnancy in these kits,  rises rapidly during pregnancy.

Read the instruction: One of the ill habits of the general people is not reading the instructions carefully before using any material. However, this  habit is not correct in case of medical tests. People think that as it is a home based test so there is no importance of taking precautions, but it may affect the accuracy of result. Thus before using the kit the girl must read the instructions on the packets. There can be minute details such as collection of urine, or waiting period, which may vary from company to company. Reading the instructions makes the person aware of the different symbols, which may help the person to understand the test results correctly..

Get ready: Taking the test for a girl can make her nervous as she may be expecting a negative or positive result depending on her situation. The best preparation is to get yourself to accept the result, whatever it may be and know that the situation can be handled better with a calm mind rather than in nervousness. It is advisable to conduct the test in private or can have her partner waiting outside while doing the test. She must carefully wash the hands before doing the test.

GO for it: After getting ready, the girl must urinate as per the given instruction on the kit on the stick or in a container depending on the instructions. Reading the instructions will help one a lot as it mentions the right way of conducting the test. Once the process of urination is over, the girl must put the drops of urine by using the dropper provided with the kit. Once the drop has been put into the test kit, the person must wait for the time, though depending on the company time can vary between one to three minutes.Once completing the stipulated time check the result and be sure about the pregnancy status. Most of the kits either have colour change code, or sign. Reading the instructions carefully one can easily be able to know about the pregnancy condition.

However, on the completion of the pregnancy test, one cannot sit stand still, they must visit a doctor for the further process. If it is a wanted pregnancy, they must go to doctor for confirming it, while if it is an unwanted one, they must take the suggestion from doctor in order to terminate the one. However, home test of pregnancy gives mostly the accurate result still it is advisable that one must go to doctor for confirmation.


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