Signs that show your baby is ready to come

Pregnancy can be difficult for many women. During the last trimester, the body might start acting in a weird manner. Here the author has compiled a list of symptoms telling us when to expect the contractions and labor.

Pregnancy can become strenuous during the later part of third trimester. Here are some of the known symptoms of labor:

Lightening or baby dropping:

In the last part of the third trimester, your baby starts gradually dropping or shifting into the pelvic region. Generally, the movement towards the pelvic region starts two to four weeks before labor. Lightening is nothing but the shifting of the baby into the pelvis to make the exit.

Usually, babies take a head down leg up position when lightening starts. However, instances of babies coming out in reverse position, i.e., leg first and head later are found. Such babies are termed as Breech Babies.

Mucus plug comes out:

Mucus plug is a thick covering of mucus, which prevents bacteria from entering the uterus. As the body prepares itself for labor, the cervix starts relaxing. According to a specialist, conducting ultrasonography in Kolkata states that most of the time the body expels mucus plug during this time.

The plug might look like a clear pink discharge. Also, it can appear days before actual labour starts. If you have discharged the mucus plug, do not be worried. Call the doctor immediately and get yourself checked. In case, you still have time before delivery, the doctor would send you back home.

Water breaks:

The breaking of amniotic sac creates a sudden gush of water from the uterus. Ideally, the water is odourless and colourless. However, during labour if the uterus is resting directly above the bladder, pregnant women might leak urine. For an untrained person, it might be difficult to distinguish between urine and amniotic fluid.

In case of doubt is always better to consult a physician. Also, after the leakage of water do not insert anything like tampons inside the vagina. Substances like can make a passage for bacteria to enter the vagina. Besides this, if the discharged amniotic fluid has a foul smell then discuss the matter immediately with the doctor.  Foul smell in amniotic fluid could mean infection.

Effacement and dilatation of cervix:

The cervix, in the last month of pregnancy, starts preparing itself for making a passage for the baby. To make the way, the cervix slowly starts stretching and thinning. More the cervix thins, more easily it can dilate. In the last part of the third trimester, the thinning of cervix may be further assisted by Braxton Hicks contractions or fake contractions.

Dilation means opening of the cervix. A fully dilated cervix makes a passage for the babies to come out. Doctors constantly check the dilation to check when the baby is coming out. When the opening of the cervix is around 10 cm, the baby can easily come out.


Problems That Triggered after 20 Week Abortion Ban one Must Know

SurrogacyWith the ban on 20-week pregnancy, several questions are asked. People also have to face number of problems due to this. Several question and doubt are also in the mind of people regarding the issues. Here some of the main issues are being addressed.

When a ban imposed on the 20-week pregnancy, several people have come with different set of mind. Therefore, it becomes much important to know the basic issues related with it. According to a doctor of an abortion center in Kolkata most of the people do not have any idea about this ban. However, the present post tries to highlight some of the points for sure.

Just 1.3 percent of premature births happen following 20 weeks. The two fundamental purposes behind late-term premature births are absence of access to better, prior care and science. A 20-week premature birth boycott would aggravate the two issues by criminalizing them.

The boycott would hurt the most helpless in our general public. Ladies who had premature births after the primary trimester in 2008 will probably be dark, and additionally to be youthful, less instructed and living in destitution. They were likewise more inclined to have encountered savagery because of the man who got them pregnant and to have managed no less than three genuine life occasions in the most recent year. The boycott will not help.

The other gathering more inclined to have a later premature birth are more seasoned, higher wage ladies and those paying with medical coverage. Pregnancy is more hazardous for ladies more than 35. Amniocentesis, the test for fetal peculiarities, is not done until 15-18 weeks, and ultrasounds for inherent mutations are done at weeks 18-20. Ladies from Rep. Jackie Speier to the overall population open have talked up about the restorative requirements for late-term premature births. In the wake of getting the outcomes, ladies require time to discover a supplier (see point 4 beneath), and frequently to organize cash, transportation, and youngster mind.

Fetus removal is as of now disparaged. Late fetus removal is more regrettable. My experience after a convincingly negative amniocentesis in my mid 40s was an a valid example. In spite of the fact that fetus removal was as yet secured by my government worker wellbeing design and I lived in a noteworthy metropolitan region with a lot of medicinal offices, nature for playing out a moment trimester premature birth was at that point so harmed that we discovered just two specialists in the zone who might do it. One had beforehand lost his permit.

Terrible math. It is difficult to know when a pregnancy truly begins. That is the reason it’s best left to a doctor to survey when a baby is practical. Here are the measurements:

Specialists for the most part figure a pregnancy as starting two weeks after the principal day of a lady’s last menstrual cycle. (Ladies quit getting their periods once they are pregnant.)

The proposed boycott would begin the tally in an unexpected way, from the date of preparation. Be that as it may, shock! Ladies’ periods and ripeness cycles differ! The time between periods can be not quite the same as month to month. Ovulation can happen before long, or notwithstanding amid, the draining period of a lady’s menstrual cycle. Sperm can make due for up to seven days to associate with an egg. (This is the reason couples who depend on timing fruitfulness cycles as a type of anti-conception medication are regularly called “guardians.”)

An embryo inside the womb does not feel torment before 26 weeks as per the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and isn’t a man. This is one deceiving premise for proposing a 20-week boycott.

States can presemtly boycott premature births after a baby is resolved to be “reasonable,” that is, ready to get by outside of the womb. Feasibility is by and large considered at 27 weeks; with restorative advances, survival is conceivable yet impossible at 24 weeks, however most likely with essentially traded off wellbeing. Reasonability of the embryo is progressively tested as a standard for restricting ladies’ rights to premature birth. We needn’t bother with more limitations on fetus removal. We have enough. Numerous states as of now constrain premature births by the quantities of long stretches of pregnancy, depending on an inflexible develop in light of particular long stretches of incubation or trimester.

Therefore by now you have understood the issues related with the the ban imposed on the 20 week pregnancy. However, it is always advised to go to registered clinic while you are thinking to abort.

Author’ Bio: Sanju is a senior gynecologist with number of years of experience. However, he is also an internet enthusiast who used to post different things on the net related to gynecology. Here he posts about the issues related with ban on 20 weeks pregnancy abortion.


Common Complications Related With Pregnancy That One Must Remember

Pregnancy is always related with several issues and these issues can be solved if people would have knowledge about the pregnancy related issues. According to a doctor of an infertility clinic in Kolkata unwanted complications can come at anytime during pregnancy and one must remain prepare for it. Here is a list of complications are being mentioned.

Premature delivery

Premature delivery is the passing of a pregnancy in the initial 20 weeks. Around 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in unsuccessful labor, and more than 80 percent of premature deliveries occur before 12 weeks. Most first-trimester unnatural birth cycles are accepted to be caused by chromosomal anomalies in the prepared egg that shield the incipient organism from creating. Vaginal spotting or draining is generally the principal sign, so summon your social insurance professional right on the off chance that you see it (in spite of the fact that it’s normal to spot or seep in early pregnancy regardless of whether you’re not prematurely delivering). In the event that your professional presumes an unsuccessful labor, she’ll arrange a ultrasound to perceive what’s happening in your uterus and perhaps complete a blood test.

Untimely work and birth

In the event that you begin having standard constrictions that reason your cervix to start to open (expand) or disperse (destroy) before you reach 37 weeks of pregnancy, you’re in preterm or untimely work. At the point when a child is conveyed before 37 weeks, it’s known as a preterm birth and the infant is viewed as untimely. Around 12 percent of children in the United States are conceived rashly.


Preeclampsia is a genuine condition that effects around 5 percent of pregnant ladies. You’re determined to have preeclampsia on the off chance that you have hypertension and protein in your pee or liver or kidney variations from the norm following 20 weeks of pregnancy. Most hopeful moms who get preeclampsia create gentle manifestations close to their due date, and they and their children do fine with appropriate care. In any case, it can advance rapidly, and extreme preeclampsia can influence numerous organs and cause genuine or even hazardous issues. Ladies whose preeclampsia is serious or deteriorating need to convey early.

Gestational diabetes

In the vicinity of 2 and 10 percent of eager moms in the United States build up this kind of diabetes. That won’t not seem like numerous, but rather the condition is sufficiently basic – and sufficiently genuine – that pregnant ladies routinely get a glucose screening in the vicinity of 24 and 28 weeks to test for it. In the event that you create gestational diabetes, you’ll be nearly checked by your medicinal services supplier. Most ladies can monitor their glucose levels with eating regimen and practice and convey sound infants. In any case, ineffectively controlled diabetes can have genuine outcomes for the infant. For moms with gestational diabetes, there’s a 25 to 50 percent possibility of creating compose 2 diabetes further down the road, however this hazard can be essentially diminished by keeping up a sound weight and way of life.

On the off chance that you have placenta previa, your placenta is lying abnormally low in your uterus, alongside or covering your cervix. Placenta previa isn’t generally an issue right on time in pregnancy. In any case, if the placenta remains hazardously low as your pregnancy advances, it can cause dying, which can prompt different difficulties and may expect you to convey early.

The area of your placenta will be checked amid your midpregnancy ultrasound exam, yet just a little level of ladies who have placenta previa in midpregnancy still have it when they convey their infant. Placenta previa is available in up to 1 of every 200 conveyances. Ladies who have placenta previa when they conceive an offspring need to convey by c-area.

Therefore, one must remain careful about these issues. They must remain under the surveillance of a good gyneacologist.

Myths Related With Women Menstruation That Should Be Explored Immediately

Menstruation is a physiological process that happens to the women once in a month. However, in different place of the world the menstruation has its own definition and is related with different taboo. However, India is not either different from it. However, a gynecologist in Kolkata mentioned that though it is an age old biological process it is still surrounded with several myths. Here are some of them.

In parts of rustic India, there is a myth that ladies can’t water plants or cook amid their period in light of the fact that their “uncleanliness” will ruin the sustenance. In an investigation done in an arbitrary school in country India, 55 percent of young ladies studied trusted they couldn’t cook or enter the kitchen amid and 4 days after monthly cycle or sustenance would harsh. While I’m just for more young men and men going up against family unit tasks so young ladies in India can get a training, this myth doesn’t help with that.

Young ladies and ladies bleeding are not unclean. They are typical, common, and sound. The myth that ladies can’t enter sanctuaries and sacred ground is socially dubious, and a delicate issue. At the point when ladies are dealt with diversely as a result of a normally happening body cycle it makes disgrace, taboos, and embarrassment towards periods that is profoundly inserted into society. Also, that is the main thing that is strange.

In many spots, including Afghanistan, it is basic for ladies to utilize fabric sterile napkins. The advantage here is that it’s generally reasonable and a sustainable approach to oversee periods. The drawback is ladies are regularly embarrassed to hang clean material utilized amid monthly cycle outside with other clothing. Therefore, ladies cover up and wear sterile napkins for a really long time which causes diseases savage to conceptive wellbeing. This would all be able to be settled if social taboos over periods are wiped out.

As per a social conviction held by some sushi cooks in Japan, for example, Jiro Ono– a celebrated sushi culinary expert with eateries in Tokyo, Ginza, and Chūō, ladies can’t be sushi gourmet specialists in view of menstrual cycles. The myth here is that monthly cycle causes an “irregularity in taste” and in this way sushi cannot in any way, shape or form be appropriately arranged by a lady. Side note: male sushi gourmet experts additionally believe women’s hands are too little and warm to get ready rice appropriately.

Envision somebody instructing you to miss work each month regardless of whether you don’t feel wiped out. Menstrual leave is a thing, and this one is more disputable than some others. A few nations in Asia, similar to South Korea, China, Japan, and Indonesia have laws giving ladies wiped out leave amid their period. The level headed discussion here is whether menstrual leave for ladies is a type of segregation or a restorative need.

Periods taboos are more incapacitating than anything menstrual cycles themselves. Absence of access to sterile napkins, and information on overseeing periods for young ladies and ladies is incapacitating. Be that as it may, periods themselves are once in a while a reason for vital wiped out leave. Truly, every lady encounters menstrual cycles in an unexpected way, yet just 20 percent of ladies report extreme agony amid periods. The other 80% of ladies detailed no weakening indications or agony. With the correct supplies and information on the most proficient method to oversee periods, young ladies and ladies can be enabled to achieve any errand whenever of the month.

In India and parts of Nepal (in arrangement with the chaupadi convention in Nepal). Myth number eight says that ladies can’t collaborate with or touch men since men will wind up plainly wiped out by touching an “unclean” lady. Somewhere in the range of 20% of young ladies in provincial India trust they ought not converse with a male individual from the family amid period. Furthermore, 40% of young ladies in India find out about feminine cycle from their moms. Along these lines, if outside instruction is not given these conventions will hold on.

By now, you have understood the myths related with menstruation. These myths should be busted as quick a possible.

Do You Have The Ideas Regarding The Side Effects Of The Abortion?

Abortion is a real risky process, which connects with lot of side effects. These side effects are not only physical but metal too. Therefore, according to a doctor associated with abortion center in Kolkata mentioned that one must remain prepare related with both the physical and mental issues. In this, present post, the side effects regarding the abortions is being elaborated.

More than one hundred potential complexities have been related with actuated premature birth. “Minor” complexities incorporate minor diseases, dying, fevers, constant stomach torment, gastro-intestinal unsettling influences, retching, and Rh refinement.

In a progression of 1,182 premature births, which happened under firmly controlled healing facility conditions, 27 percent of the patients obtained post-fetus removal disease enduring 3 days or more. While the quick inconveniences of premature birth are typically treatable, these confusions as often as possible prompt long haul regenerative harm of substantially more genuine nature.

For instance, one conceivable result of fetus removal related diseases is sterility. Analysts have announced that 3 to 5 percent of prematurely ended ladies are left coincidentally sterile because of the operation’s dormant horribleness. The danger of sterility is much more noteworthy for ladies who are tainted with a venereal sickness at the season of the fetus removal.

Notwithstanding the danger of sterility, ladies who procure post-abortal contaminations are five to eight times more inclined to encounter ectopic pregnancies. Between 1970-1983, the rate of ectopic pregnancies in USA has risen 4 overlap. Twelve percent of every single maternal demise because of ectopic pregnancy. Different nations which have legitimized fetus removal have seen the same emotional increment in ectopic pregnancies.

Cervical harm is another driving reason for long haul difficulties following fetus removal. Ordinarily the cervix is inflexible and firmly shut. Keeping in mind the end goal to play out a fetus removal, the cervix must be extended open with a lot of power. Amid this constrained widening there is quite often caused tiny tearing of the cervix muscles and at times extreme tearing of the uterine divider, too.

Regardless of whether minuscule or naturally visible in nature, the cervical harm which comes about amid fetus removal as often as possible outcomes in a changeless debilitating of the cervix. This debilitating may bring about an “inept cervix” which, unfit to convey the heaviness of a later “needed” pregnancy, opens rashly, bringing about unnatural birth cycle or untimely birth. As per one examination, manifestations identified with cervical ineptitude were found among 75% of ladies who experience constrained widening for fetus removal. Cervical harm from beforehand actuated premature births expands the danger of unnatural birth cycle, untimely birth, and intricacies of work amid later pregnancies by 300 – 500 percent.

The regenerative dangers of premature birth are particularly intense for ladies who prematurely end their first pregnancies. A noteworthy investigation of first pregnancy premature births found that 48% of ladies experienced fetus removal related complexities in later pregnancies. Ladies in this gathering experienced 2.3 unsuccessful labors for each one live birth. [20] Yet another scientist found that among young people who prematurely ended their first pregnancies, 66% in this way experienced unsuccessful labors or untimely birth of their second, “needed” pregnancies. At the point when the dangers of expanded pregnancy misfortune are anticipated on the populace all in all, it is assessed that prematurely ended ladies lose 100,000 “needed” pregnancies every year in view of idle fetus removal horribleness.

Transitory sentiments of help are every now and again took after by a period therapists distinguish as passionate “loss of motion,” or post-fetus removal “deadness.” Like shell-stunned troopers, these prematurely ended ladies can’t express or even feel their own feelings. Their emphasis is essentially on having survived the trial, and they are in any event incidentally withdrawn from their emotions.

Concentrates inside the initial couple of weeks after the fetus removal have discovered that near 40 and 60 percent of ladies addressed report negative responses. Inside two months after their premature births, 55% communicated blame, 44% grumbled of anxious issue, 36% had encountered rest-unsettling influences, 31% had laments about their choice, and 11% had been endorsed psychotropic solution by their family specialist.

By now if you have read then you can be able to understand the side effects related with the abortion. However, it is always being advised that one must always go to a government-registered clinic for such issues.

Check these signs to get confirmed about pregnancy

Being a parent is not at all an easy task. One must understand that that how important the pregnancy is. One of a renowned gynecologist in Kolkata mentioned that in case of first pregnancy, most of the girls use to fail to recognize the symptoms of pregnancy. Therefore, even there are chances of miscarriage, which used to increase a lot. However, in case of the unmarried women, knowing these symptoms is important, as they might have to go for abortion. Here are few of the symptoms of pregnancy has been discussed.

Uterine issues: While menstrual spasms are practically basic in many women, in the event that you are feeling unnatural torments and additional rigidity in the uterus notwithstanding when not having your period – pregnancy may be the hidden cause. The continuous development of the uterine dividers largely prompts to such spasms.

Improved breast soreness: Within a week or so of considering, the female bosoms are probably going to wind up distinctly somewhat sore, and delicate to touch. Your bosoms may begin feeling somewhat heavier than before too. On the off chance that the territory around your areolas has obscured a shade also, contact a pregnancy premature birth master quickly. Gentle to genuine bosom torments can likewise begin.

Daylong tiredness: Performing strenuous assignments round the check can tire you out.  However, in the event that a consistent sentiment weakness waits for the duration of the day, it may be a direct result of pregnancy. While going for your consistent gynecological checkups, you ought to educate your gynecologist in Kolkata, on the off chance that you are encountering such steady tiredness.

Inordinate bloating: When an incipient organism begins creating inside your regenerative tracts, the level of progesterone hormone goes down essentially. That, thus, makes the stomach related process slower than ordinary – as a consequence of which, the stomach gets bloated. Obviously, such hormone-consumption can likewise be the upshot of richness issue, requiring infertility treatment procedures.

Visit inclinations to urinate: During pregnancy, the working of the kidney go up by several indents – to dispose of the overabundance body liquids. The expanded weight on the bladder additionally adds to the upgraded inclinations to urinate, at extremely visit interims. On the off chance that there are blood releases with the pee, you have to counsel an expert on IVF treatment in India as quickly as time permits.

Morning-affliction: In less difficult terms, heaving propensities. Not at all like what you may accept at to start with, such ‘morning infection’s can strike at for all intents and purposes at whatever time amid the day. This can likewise be joined by a sudden extreme aversion towards certain scents (e.g., that of fishes). Such manifestations show that you ought to go for demonstrative tests, similar to ultrasounds and ultrasonography in India, at a solid facility in your area.

Missing periods: A missed period is not really motivation to accept that you are expecting – yet in the event that you miss a couple, the odds of pregnancy being the cause gets to be distinctly brighter. Try not to take any pharmaceuticals all alone, and calendar a meeting with a specialist at a decent pregnancy and premature birth facility in Kolkata. In the event that you have in reality considered, pre-natal social insurance schedules must be chalked up quickly.

Spotting: This manifestation alludes to unnatural vaginal dying (not related, at all, to menstrual releases). Such draining can begin as right on time as inside ten days, after the egg gets treated inside the uterus. In specific cases, vaginal draining can be connected with thick, smooth white releases also. That, notwithstanding, is a pointer of fruitfulness issues, and you would need to visit a dependable barrenness focus in Kolkata, for the vital medications.


Issues in the bowel syndrome: More specifically, it can be termed as acute syndrome. Since the stomach related hormones don’t work at an indistinguishable rates from prior, inside development takes additional time than common – prompting to abnormalities in your generally typical gut disorder. Specialists on pregnancy and fetus removal incorporate this side effect as a conceivable marker of pregnancy.

Mental variables: Pregnancy is quite often connected with outrageous emotional episodes, from the early stages itself. You are probably going to not have the capacity to focus legitimately on particular undertakings, and may even experience sudden, baffling sadness assaults. Once the pregnancy has been medicinally affirmed, you ought to go to normal sexology sessions – to maintain a strategic distance from such mental tribulations amid this period.

Therefore, one can understand that what the basic symptoms of pregnancy are. If someone is going through such symptoms then as early as possible she must go to a doctor for a check up. Remember that one must consult the doctor first before going for any sort of medical issues.

If You Are Facing Any of These Problems, Visit You Gynaecologist Now

Gynaecological problems are always remains big issues for the girls. Hereby, a complete separates study of gynaecology has been introduced in the medical studies. Therefore, it becomes important that women also must take care of them and consult doctors in case of needs.

It is important that one must take care of one self in order to make to sure that they will fall not ill or something. Additionally, it can be said that the structure of the female body is much more complicated than of the male body. Even a complete medical genre is dedicated to this known as gynaecology. A very reputed gynaecologist in Kolkata mentioned that people has developed a bad habit of coming to doctors only when they fall ill. However, according to the doctor the patient must visit the doctors even when they are not ill. However, further the doctor suggest that one must come to doctor in the following situations.

Many educated women usually do not come to doctors in relation to the menstrual irregularities. However, it is important that the woman must check some issues like the regularities of period, the cycle of the period, any delayed in period or even missing one. If there is an abnormal bleeding, it is possible that it has some different reason these sort should. It is also possible that the girl will suffer from the issues such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic infection etc. these problems can only be diagnosed if the person will come to the doctors earliest.

Additionally to this, if the frequency of the urination increased without any specific reason it becomes important that the patient must visit the doctors. Additionally, once the patient any sort of pain a burning feels during urination or see the bloods to get coming out with urine must also visit the doctor. However, if there is any sort of abnormal discharges associated with the vagina then they must visit the doctor at least once. Most of these symptoms usually indicate the urinary tract infection. These are certain issues, which people used to over look, which is really something bad, and they must not do this as it can bring complication in future.

There are several woman has developed a concept that gynaecological problems are always associated with menstrual issues. However, it is not correct always. Even non-active sex organs such as breasts can also signify the problems related with the gynaecology. Thus if one is facing various discomfort issues with breasts during the menstrual cycle, in such conditions one must surely take the advice of the doctor. Else, if anyone is facing any sort of lumps in the breast or see any sort of discharge from the breast at once she must, it is important that the person must go to the doctor. However, a renowned gynaecologist made it clear that avoiding these sorts of issues can clearly create lot of troubles in future.

One of very common problem faced by the women is the pain in the lower abdominal area. Lot of young girls as well as matured women too feel pain and discomfort. Such pains must not be left over for future as these can create future complications. Sometimes a certain cramps are felt during menstrual issues in the abdomen and the lower back or after having a sexual intercourse. These also need to be shared with the doctors as anything can develop from these issues. In case of any lump in the abdomen can create even cancer also. In such situation, it becomes important that the women must take advice from the doctors.

Addition to these issues, it is important that a woman must go for a counselling prior to the pregnancy. This will help the person in order to make the woman to understand the issues related with pregnancy. Additionally, one must understand that pregnancy is a complicated process, which needs to be deal with proper care and love. There are several pre pregnancy vaccination can be taken in order avoid the complication in the life. However, this also helps the people in order to avoid the issues such as cervical cancer and others.

There are number of couples who used to stay in live in relationship. Therefore, it becomes important for them to have a right knowledge regarding contraceptive issues. If the people will not, going to have precautionary measures, the woman might get pregnant and rather it can create a lot of issue. Thus, those who are in live in relationship must think of these issues such as pregnancy, pregnancy abortions and in order to avoid these harassments one must visit the gynaecologists in an immediate basis.

Here, few reasons are that why the woman must go to the gynaecologist even when they are not pregnant. This will safeguard them from different other issues.

Have You Gone Through the Amended Laws of Surrogacy in India?

Surrogacy, especially commercial surrogacy has boost up the Indian economy in the last few years in a very positive manner. Major reasons of that were availability of the cheap surrogate mother and the high quality world class treatment at a less amount of money. In India as well as surrogacy in Kolkata has also shown a remarkable growth in last few years. However, the new introduced law has made the surrogacy difficult for the foreign couples. One of the major reasons of putting ban on the commercial surrogacy is the misuse and the exploitation of the poor girl and women. Most of the people coming from the different countries and culture exploit the surrogate mother both physically and mentally. In such cases, it becomes difficult for the surrogate to cope up with such issues. However, if a couple is planning to have a surrogate child, here are the issues that they must take into the consideration.


The new law has completely banned commercial surrogacy in the country. The major reason is the exploitation of the surrogate mothers. However, it is related with umber of unethical practices that even putting the life of both the mother and the child into danger. In order to stop this malpractices the government has taken the path of banning it instead of checking or balancing it. Therefore, the law makes it clear that no one in India can be indulged into surrogacy through giving money and other elements. Only if anyone willingly agrees to become surrogate, the couple can take the helps of such person. However, it is difficult to find such types of surrogates.

As it has been mentioned, earlier that surrogacy is on a boom in India, it nearly business something around 1 billion US dollar per year. However, along with the ban of the commercial surrogacy, the new law has made it clear that no foreign residential can have a surrogate mother from India. The law also included the NRIs (Non Residential Indians) from getting an Indian surrogate mother. Additionally, the law has also specified that only the Indian couples who are suffering from infertility can take the help of the Surrogacy. Those couples who are fertile and having no problems to child in normal way cannot go for the surrogacy.

Addition to the normal Indian couple, homosexual or lesbian couples also are not permissible to have a child through the surrogacy system. However, as the law clearly mentions that only the couples who are having issues of infertility can go for surrogacy, it prohibits the singles parents, live-in partners to have baby through surrogacy also. Therefore, many celebrities who want to be the single parents are prohibited to have a child through surrogacy.

Further, the surrogacy law has become more rigid as it not only imposes ban on the commercial surrogacy but also made the duration of the marriage as a key thing in order to go for the surrogacy. The couple who are seeking for surrogacy must have a courtship of five years before they are seeking help for the surrogacy. However, additionally, the law makes it clear that a woman has to be over 23 years of age and a man has to be minimum 26 years. Nevertheless, the maximum age limit for the couple is 50 and 55 respectively.

The law further makes it clear that only the close relatives can be asked for the surrogacy related helps. It has been mentioned clearly in the law that only a close relative can be asked for becoming surrogate and that has to be also agreed without any transaction of money. Nonetheless, the couple can pay for the issues such as medical expenditure and other medical and baby related issues but they cannot pay the surrogate mother anything. Additionally, if a couple is already having a child and later they become infertile and now they want to have a child through surrogacy can not go for such. Only a couple can avail surrogacy once in the lifetime.

Therefore, those couples are planning to go for the surrogacy related matters they must take proper knowledge related to the issues. These are some of the basic outlining of the laws. Additionally, it is also important that one must talk with the doctors about the surrogacy as IVF has become modern in order to overcome so many issues. Therefore, it is important to consult gynaecologists to move ahead in this way further.

5 Easy for Determining Pregnancy at Home

banner1Being pregnant is one of the most magical moments for the girls in their life. It is the moment, they realise that a new life is taking shape within her. A few years back,after missing the scheduled date for monthly period, the girl had to go to the doctor and based on the advice of doctor, they had to do some tests. The result used to come after a long anxious wait. However, the whole process was very time taking and delayede the decision making process for the couple who wished to go for an abortion. Nowadays home based pregnancy test in Kolkata has increased a lot with the ready availability of the pregnancy kits. Here are basic 5 steps, following which one can be able to know the status of pregnancy through home test for pregnancy.

Buy a Kit: If a girl had an intercourse without protection and missed the scheduled date for the monthly period, it is advisable to take a home pregnancy test. However, there are several girls who do not used have a regular periodic cycle. For them also, it is  advisable take a test to determine the pregnancy status if they have indulged in any sexual intercourse during last cycle. They can buy home pregnancy kit from any neighbourhood medical stores without any prescription. However, while buying the kit they must look for the expiry date printed on the pack. As using a kit, which has already expired will not give correct results. In addition, one must also ensure that the packet is intact and is not opened from anywhere.

Time of Test: However, once you have missed the date of period the next day you can do the test at home. However, usually it is advisable to wait for a week long before doing the test. Yes, it is difficult to wait while one is  anxious about her pregnancy status. Waiting for a week gives more accurate results as the level of HCG hormone used to determine the pregnancy in these kits,  rises rapidly during pregnancy.

Read the instruction: One of the ill habits of the general people is not reading the instructions carefully before using any material. However, this  habit is not correct in case of medical tests. People think that as it is a home based test so there is no importance of taking precautions, but it may affect the accuracy of result. Thus before using the kit the girl must read the instructions on the packets. There can be minute details such as collection of urine, or waiting period, which may vary from company to company. Reading the instructions makes the person aware of the different symbols, which may help the person to understand the test results correctly..

Get ready: Taking the test for a girl can make her nervous as she may be expecting a negative or positive result depending on her situation. The best preparation is to get yourself to accept the result, whatever it may be and know that the situation can be handled better with a calm mind rather than in nervousness. It is advisable to conduct the test in private or can have her partner waiting outside while doing the test. She must carefully wash the hands before doing the test.

GO for it: After getting ready, the girl must urinate as per the given instruction on the kit on the stick or in a container depending on the instructions. Reading the instructions will help one a lot as it mentions the right way of conducting the test. Once the process of urination is over, the girl must put the drops of urine by using the dropper provided with the kit. Once the drop has been put into the test kit, the person must wait for the time, though depending on the company time can vary between one to three minutes.Once completing the stipulated time check the result and be sure about the pregnancy status. Most of the kits either have colour change code, or sign. Reading the instructions carefully one can easily be able to know about the pregnancy condition.

However, on the completion of the pregnancy test, one cannot sit stand still, they must visit a doctor for the further process. If it is a wanted pregnancy, they must go to doctor for confirming it, while if it is an unwanted one, they must take the suggestion from doctor in order to terminate the one. However, home test of pregnancy gives mostly the accurate result still it is advisable that one must go to doctor for confirmation.

Problems That Might Crop Up During The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

cropped-testtubebaby.jpgOn the 18th of Feb this year, I was blessed with a baby boy. The first feeling that I experienced on laying my eyes on him was not of joy though – it was a feeling of relief. During the third trimester of pregnancy (i.e., from around the 28th week), I had started feeling several types of physical discomforts – and used to stay constantly worried about the well-being of the little one inside me. Thank goodness the delivery happened without a hitch, and I managed to rejoin office from October. I have here jotted down some of the principal physical problems that I faced during the last lap of pregnancy:

  1. Considerable increase in body weight – My gynecologist in Kolkata had said that my otherwise svelte figure would get somewhat botched up when I was expecting – but I was not quite prepared for the practically enormous amount of weight gain during the third trimester. During the last couple of months leading up to the delivery date, my weight shot up by nearly 8 kgs! Although doctors assured me that there were no complications, I had problems in freely moving about, due to my increased bulk.
  2. Mild contractions – I had always thought that contractions started only AFTER a woman went into labor. Imagine my surprise and tensions then, when I started having contractions one evening (this was around week 30). My husband took me to the local pregnancy abortion clinic immediately, where the experts told that such contractions (medically termed Braxton-Hicks movements) were normal and to be expected till delivery. The contractions weren’t too uncomfortable though.
  3. A constant heavy feeling in the breasts – Well, I had started experiencing this from the latter weeks of the second trimester itself, but the feeling of heaviness increased significantly as the date of delivery approached. The experts from my regular pregnancy and infertility center in Kolkata had told me to report if there were any abnormal discharges from/black spots around the nipples – thankfully, I did not have such symptoms. My breasts became rather painful though, and even touching them was a problem.
  4. Lack of sleep – This was the principal cause behind my fatigued feeling right through the day. More often than not, I could not fall asleep till well past 3-3:30 am at night, and the daytime naps were too short and far between to be of any help. The obstetrics and infertility treatment specialist suggested regular massage sessions, to keep my body rejuvenated. A mild sedative was also prescribed – but I was too afraid to take it, lest it harmed my baby!
  5. Skin rashes – As I found out from my gynaecologist in Kolkata later, they were not rashes after all. On both my legs, from below the knee joint, small reddish boils appeared, and they were extremely itchy too. In case you have such rashes, caused by what doctors call ‘spider veins’, make sure that they do not become too large, like hemorrhoids. Rashes and inflammations around the rectum can be rather painful too, and advanced cases might even lead to abortion procedures. Thank goodness, I did not face such complicacies.
  6. Body aches – If some of my overall physical lethargy was due to the gain in weight, I would attribute the rest of it to the dull, sustained body aches that became a constant companion of mine during the third trimester. The pelvic pains were the most serious, although the ECG tests and ultrasonography in Kolkata done on me did not reveal any aberrations (except for, a happily kicking baby!). Even my fingers became painful. In fact, due to my acute rib pains, my midwife advised me to avoid lying down on my back for too long at a stretch.
  7. More frequent urges to urinate – On the web, I had read about many expecting moms having painful discharges from the vagina, which generally necessitated emergency IVF treatment procedures. While I was spared from these problems, the urge to urinate increased manifold as the delivery date drew nearer. At times, I had to visit the toilet at intervals of 15-20 minutes. The doctor had told me that the enhanced bladder pressure would be causing this problem, and I definitely felt inconvenienced by it!
  8. Constipation and heartburn – The slight bouts of morning sickness during the third trimester were pretty much okay with me – but the increasing irregularities in my bowel syndrome did cause discomforts round the clock. I almost never had a good appetite (and the doctor had told me to start eating a bit more than usual!), acid attacks were pretty common – and there were serious heartburns often too. The consultants at the pregnancy and IVF center in Kolkata told me to totally abstain from fried snacks and carbonated drinks, and that did reduce the problems somewhat.
  9. Increased puffiness – Almost everyone who saw me during this period remarked how heavy my eyelids had become, and how puffy my cheeks and hands appeared. According to my sexology consultant, as the time of delivery drew closer, more fluids were retained by the blood vessels – and this contributed to the excessive puffiness.

To top off all these physical problems, I used to have some truly horrible nightmares about pregnancy during these weeks. There were vivid bad dreams about miscarriages, and at one point, I was almost certain that I would have to go for surrogacy in India. The childbirth process turned out to be hassle-free, however, and I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy figure already too!