IVF: Know about the procedure and beneficial food habits

It has been estimated by a study that about one in eight women have problems getting pregnant. If you’re ready to start or upload on your circle of relatives and have tried all different fertility alternatives, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is frequently your next option for having a biological infant.

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IVF is a scientific process wherein a female’s egg is fertilized with sperm, resulting in an embryo. Then, the embryo is either frozen or transferred to the female’s uterus, so as to with a bit of luck bring about pregnancy. You may additionally have several feelings as you prepare for, begin and complete an IVF cycle. Anxiety, disappointment, and uncertainty are common as you make a big financial and bodily funding for a risk at getting pregnant.

Not to say the hormones. Around two weeks of everyday photographs can heighten your feelings and make your body sense completely out of whack. It makes sense then that the 30 days leading up for your IVF cycle are vital for making sure your body is healthful, sturdy, and completely prepared for the extensive scientific procedure.

This is your manual to give yourself and your partner the first-rate hazard possible at having a toddler through IVF. With this advice, you’ll not most effective live on your IVF cycle, however thrive during. Prepare to marvel yourself with your very own power. IVF success rate in Kolkata is very high. So do not be afraid and try this process to be blessed with a baby.

There are numerous ranges of a single IVF cycle. It’s viable to need multiple cycles to get pregnant. Here’s a breakdown of the degrees, inclusive of the period of every:

Preparation: Make the sensible lifestyle modifications mentioned on this manual to make certain most fulfilling health. Your physician can also help adjust your menstrual cycle to align with begin of your scheduled IVF cycle, hormones, and ovaries.

Stage 1 (1 day): Day one in each of your IVF cycle is the primary day of your period closest to scheduled remedy. Yes, beginning your period is a superb aspect here!

Stage 2 (3 to 12 days): Begin taking fertility pills for the reason of stimulating, or waking up, your ovaries. This prepares them for improved egg production.

Stage 3 (36 hours): An unmarried injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is given to stimulate the discharge of the developed eggs. Exactly 36 hours after the injection, you’ll undergo a process to retrieve or harvest, the eggs.

Stage 4 (1 day):  Your accomplice (or donor) can have already supplied sperm or will do so even as you’re present process retrieval. Either manner, the sparkling eggs might be fertilized inside hours. This is when you’ll begin taking progesterone, which enables prepare trusted Source your uterus to preserve the viability of the pregnancy and reduce threat of miscarriage.

Stage 5 (five days): Less than per week after retrieval, your viable embryo will be transferred in your uterus in a noninvasive procedure.

Stage 6 (nine to twelve days): You’ll be examined to make certain the embryo has competently implanted in the uterus, so as to cause your frame’s launch of pregnancy hormones.

Below, we cover the lifestyle modifications that’ll supply your frame the excellent help for pregnancy for the duration of your IVF cycle.

What to consume during IVF

  • During an IVF cycle, consciousness on eating wholesome, balanced meals. Don’t make any fundamental or big modifications in the course of this time, like going gluten-unfastened if you weren’t already.
  • All the gynecologists recommend a Mediterranean-fashion. Their plant-primarily based, colorful foundations have to provide the advantageous nutrition your body wishes.
  • Research suggests that a Mediterranean diet can also enhance the IVF success fee among non-overweight girls who are less than 35 years old. While the take a look at become small, eating a healthy food plan at some stage in the weeks main up to the cycle genuinely doesn’t hurt.
  • Since weight loss program additionally influences sperm fitness, inspire your associate to stick to the Mediterranean diet with you.

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Exercise that can be beneficial for pregnant women

A moderate workout at some point of pregnancy may additionally supply a healthier start to a new child. Exercise at any time can improve coronary heart fitness and stamina, lower fatigue and constipation, boost temper and strength stages, enhance sleep, and improve muscle electricity. A well-selected exercise application could have the equal blessings at some stage in being pregnant.

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It is essential to talk about any changes in exercising habits with a fitness care issuer, to make sure you do the right sort of exercising on the proper level of being pregnant. Exercising all through pregnancy can lessen the danger of excess weight, back issues, prepare muscle mass for childbirth and may give the baby a more healthy beginning in life.

Exercise is important, but it must be low-impact, and it’s far essential to understand when to stop. There are six kinds of workout to hold you in shape and healthy. Yoga is a useful manner to enhance flexibility whilst pregnant. Suitable activities during being pregnant are brisk on foot, swimming, indoor desk bound cycling, prenatal yoga, and coffee-effect aerobics, guided by means of a certified aerobics teacher. You can consult to a gynecologist in Kolkata to know what exercises will be beneficial for your health during pregnancy.

Brisk strolling: If pre-pregnancy exercise stages were low, a short walk around the community is a superb way to start. This will offer a cardiovascular exercise without an excessive amount of impact on the knees and ankles. It can be completed without cost, almost anywhere, and at any time at some stage in pregnancy.

As being pregnant progresses, your middle of gravity adjustments and you may lose your sense of balance and coordination. Choose clean surfaces, keep away from potholes, rocks, and different limitations, and wear supportive footwear.

Swimming: Swimming and exercise in water give a better variety of movement without setting strain at the joints. The buoyancy provided via the water may offer a few remedies from the extra weight. Swimming, strolling in water and aqua aerobics provides health benefits at some stage in pregnancy.

Choose a stroke that feels cozy, and that doesn’t strain or harm your neck, shoulders, or returned muscle tissues, as an example, breaststroke. A kickboard can assist to make stronger the leg and buttock muscle mass.

Use the railing for balance while coming into the water, to save you slipping. Avoid diving or leaping, as this could impact the abdomen. Avoid heat swimming pools, steam rooms, warm tubs, and saunas, to limit the threat of overheating.

Stationary biking:  Cycling on a desk bound a bike, also referred to as spinning, is generally safe even for first-time exercisers. It allows to enhance the heart rate without placing too much strain on the joints. The motorbike allows aid body weight, and due to the fact it is stationary, the risk of falling is low. Later in pregnancy, a higher handlebar can be extra comfortable.

Yoga: Prenatal yoga training holds the joints limber and assist preserve flexibility. Yoga strengthens muscle groups, stimulates blood circulate, and complements relaxation. These might also make contributions to a wholesome blood strain in the course of being pregnant. The techniques learnt in yoga magnificence can also assist you to stay calm and on top of things for the duration of hard work.

As being pregnant progresses, bypass positions that might motive you to overbalance. From the second semester, it is better to avoid poses that contain lying on the stomach or flat at the back. Lying on the lower back can cause the weight of the fetus and the uterus to put strain on predominant veins and arteries and decrease blood flow to the heart. It can be tempting to overstretch, because the hormone relaxing will increase flexibility and joint mobility all through pregnancy. Overstretching ought to cause damage.

Low-impact aerobics: The aerobic workout strengthens the heart and lungs and allows to maintain muscle tone. Low-effect aerobics excludes jumping, excessive kicks, leaps, or fast running. In low-impact exercising, one foot ought to stay on the floor at all times. Compared with high-effect aerobics, the low-effect option: limits stress at the joints, allows keep stability reduces the risk of weakening the pelvic floor muscle tissues

A vulnerable pelvic ground increases the possibilities of urine leakage. Some aerobics training is designed specifically for pregnant women. This can be a very good way to satisfy other pregnant women, in addition to workout with an instructor who’s skilled to fulfill your precise needs.

Women who already attend a regular aerobics class must let the instructor recognize that they may be pregnant on the way to modify sports and advocate approximately appropriate moves.

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Infertility issues will no more be a barrier to be blesses with a child

Heading: Starting intercourse at least five days before and continuing it until a day after ovulation improves your possibilities of getting pregnant. Ovulation typically takes place inside the middle of the cycle — midway between menstrual durations — for maximum women with menstrual cycles about 28 days aside. There are many infertility problems that can be found in a large scale.

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If the infertility issue is acute then IVF will be the best suit for you. This is no doubt a critical process and an expensive one but this is really helpful to make an infertile couple to happy parent. Look for ivf doctor Kolkata because this will be very useful if the infertility problem is acute.

Let us discuss about male infertility first. Although maximum varieties of infertility aren’t preventable, those techniques may additionally help:

Avoid drug and tobacco use and ingesting too much alcohol, which might also make a contribution to male infertility.

Avoid excessive temperatures determined in warm tubs and warm baths, as they can briefly affect sperm production and motility.

Avoid exposure to commercial or environmental toxins that can have an effect on sperm production.

Limit medications that can impact fertility, each prescription and non-prescription drugs. Talk together with your doctor about any medicines you’re taking often, however don’t stop taking prescription medicinal drugs without medical recommendation.

Exercise moderately. Regular exercise may improve sperm exceptional and increase the possibilities for attaining a being pregnant.

For girls, some of strategies might also boom the possibilities of becoming pregnant:

Quit smoking. Tobacco has many poor results on fertility, now not to say your popular health and the fitness of a fetus. If you smoke and are considering pregnancy, end now.

Avoid alcohol and road drugs. These substances may additionally impair your capability to conceive and have a wholesome being pregnant. Don’t drink alcohol or use recreational capsules, along with marijuana, if you’re looking to get pregnant.

Limit caffeine. Women seeking to get pregnant may additionally want to restriction caffeine intake. Ask your doctor for steering at the secure use of caffeine.

Regular workout is crucial, however workout so intensely that your periods are rare or absent can affect fertility. This is beneficial for both the men and the women.

Try to maintain a healthy weight according to your height. Being obese or underweight can have an effect on your hormone production and reason infertility.

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Are you going to be a mom? Know about prenatal care

Being parent is everyone’s dream and goal of life. But parenthood is very a very special part of life. It is very difficult to grow a child in the proper way. Before being a parent, there comes the pregnancy period which is very difficult to deal with. Before being a parent, today we will talk about some pre-natal care that is very important to give birth of a healthy baby and to be a healthy mom.

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Importance of prenatal care: This is a very tough time before pregnancy when the mother has to take care of herself in every ways to give birth of a healthy baby.  This will be one of the toughest times in your life when there is a little life growing inside your body and the entire growth is depending on your health and foods etc.

When you will be carrying a new life in your womb, it will be your prime priority to take care of yourself because whatever you do will affect on the tiny one. Prenatal healthcare is very important for all of the moms. There are several things to remember that that you need to do at this period like frequently visiting to the doctor, having medicine properly, having proper food and slip etc.

Always try to consult with an experienced doctor to have the best treatment and guidance to have a safe pregnancy. Checking weight and blood pressure are very important to keep a track about the baby’s health. Ultrasonography is also very important to know the exact condition and the situation of the baby. Look for the best place for ultrasonography in Kolkata and know the movement of your baby.

What to do to have a safe pregnancy?

If you are pregnant going to make a family plan then this blog is must read for you. We will mainly focus on the foods and some major habits to have a safe pregnancy and to ensure safety of the little one who is growing everyday into your womb.

Calcium consumption: If you are pregnant then you need to have a lot of calcium. Calcium is very important baby’s growth. There will be high need of calcium for baby’s growth and if you do not have more calcium then there will be a loss of calcium from your bones which will be very effective in the future in a negative way. So, increase calcium consumption to avoid the loss of calcium from bones.

Body needs iron: You will need to have those foods more which have enough iron in it because iron is needed to make hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying component of blood cells. It is very important for red cells, and it is mandatory to circulate throughout the body to deliver oxygen to all its cells. If you do not have iron then the body cannot make enough red cells and the body’s tissues and organs will not get enough oxygen. Oxygen is a mandatory factor for cells to function well.

Have plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water can resist many complications during pregnancy. Women’s blood volume increases dramatically at this stage. So your body will need a lot of fluid during this period to be hydrated.

Physical activity: Try to be physically active at this period also. Do not always lie done and be on rest. Physical activities are beneficial for this time. But you need to know how must activities are beneficial and which can be done during pregnancy. At this time, you will notice a lot of changes in the body. Be aware of those changes. Moderate-intensity exercise will have a low impact on the body and thus those will be all right in this period.

Sleep properly: Proper sleep will be helpful to be healthy and energetic at this period. It will become tougher to find a comfortable position to sleep as the baby grows day by day. Have a proper and sound sleep everyday and it will be beneficial for the baby and the mother both. The mother feels more tired during this period. So you will need a sound sleep.

Do not have any unhealthy stuff: Do not get addicted to any unhealthy stuff. Quit smoking and drinking before planning to have a baby. Unhealthy addiction will be very harmful for you and the baby both.

Have food properly: Consult with the doctor to know what you can have and what not to have at all to maintain a proper health.

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Exercises can be beneficial and risk factors both for pregnancy

Being fit is very important in life and there is no doubt about that. A fit woman always remains a step ahead of healthy pregnancy but overdoing anything can be dangerous. Doing exercise is definitely a healthy practice but it can turn to an unhealthy one at anytime. Overdoing exercise can be harmful and a risk factor for a pregnant woman. Overdoing exercise can increase the risk of infertility. It is always better to know the dos and don’ts during pregnancy. A non-medical person may not understand these factors. So it will be better to consult with a doctor to get the best guidance.

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Now a day, risk factors in pregnancy is increasing rapidly and thus would be moms must consult to the doctor first before doing physical workouts. If you live in Kolkata then there are many gynaecologist in Kolkata whom you can go to for expert’s guidance. Pregnancy is a very critical period and if you do not take due care during this time then there may occur major risks that can be harmful for both mother and the baby.

Too much exercise can be too much-

Excessive exercise can be injurious to health. It may be a cause of infertility. The exercise and workouts that we add in our daily routine can be excessive. If your exercises cause lack of sleep then it will cast an adverse effect on the health. If the exercise is causing excessive stress then it will not be beneficial for health. If the exercises that you are doing everyday burn more calorie than you are having then it may be associated in infertility. Ovulation process may be affected if you overdo exercise.

Being overweight may affect infertility-

Being overweight is major factor of infertility. Obesity is a major reason why the women with overweight have difficulty to conceive. Being in proper weight according to the height is a matter of concern to have a safe pregnancy. It is not that all the fatty women have such difficulty but it is the majority of the result. You may be at higher risk of pregnancy related complications.

Exercises those are friendly with fertility-

The exercises, that have a high density, work against infertility. Avoid doing those and try walking, dancing, cycling, swimming, yoga etc that are beneficial for the health. If you are starting to do workouts at late then make sure that you will be consistent to take care of your health.  Sticking to the regular schedule is the key factor to be healthy for a longer period of time. Daily workouts for 30 minutes will be all right to be at pink of your health.

Exercise depending on body weight-

Those who are overweight and staring to do exercise now can start with low-intensity exercises for 10 minutes every day. If you are underweight then it does not mean that should not do exercise. Just decide the intensity and the amount of time of the exercises depending on the body weight.

Love working out? Decide intensity and go ahead

If you are pregnant of looking forward to it but love to work out as well then lower the intensity and keep doing this. This can also be healthy and beneficial for pregnancy. Fitness helps in conception and also to have a healthy pregnancy. Fitness is always important to be happy in life. An unhealthy life will not make you happy. So doing exercise will be beneficial till the point you know the time limit and the intensity. Consult to a doctor to understand the matter clearly and to know what are the exercises that are helpful for your health.

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Carrying a little one into your womb? Be cautious about several things

Pregnancy is a very tough time because at this time the woman carries a new life in her womb. So, she needs to take care of herself as well as the fetus. Now a day, many complications are seen to happen during pregnancy. There are a lot of things that a woman should be cautious about and also there are various factors to avoid during this period. This blog will be about a number of things or activities that you should avoid and even you are doing those activities then you will have to be very cautious.

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You must visit to the doctor frequently to know the physical status of you and your baby. Look for the best place to do ultrasonography in Kolkata and get it done to know every movement of the little one into your womb.

Let us discuss about several things that you should know-

Products: If you use some products and especially cleaning products then check the labels carefully to make sure that the products are completely safe for the pregnant woman. There are some toilet deodorant which contains a substance called naphthalene. Do not use those kids of toilet deodorants because it can be harmful for your pregnancy. It can be harmful for new born babies also. A huge exposure of naphthalene can cause damage of cells.

Exercise: It is very good to be active in pregnancy period but always consult with the doctor about which exercises will be alright for your health condition and which will not. Fix your regular exercise after talking to the doctor because there are exercises which should not be done when you are pregnant if you do so, it can be the risk factor.

Foods: There are many foods that should not be taken while pregnancy. It can be harmful for the baby and also can make you ill. So make sure that you know which foods to have and which to avoid. The best idea is to have freshly cooked and freshly prepared food.

Alcohol and smoking: Do not have alcohol at all and quit smoking before being pregnant. There is no safe one till when you can have these two. Do not have these while you are pregnant otherwise these will be a major risk factor for both of you and your baby.

Hair color: Do not use hair color during pregnancy. There are very high doses of a chemical in hair color and thus this can cause herm to the baby. Avoid hair color for this period. A significant amount of chemicals will be passed through your breast milk. So it would be better to avoid this.

X-rays: Try to avoid x-ray till you are pregnant. You doctor will better suggest how long it can be possible to wait for the x-ray. It can be harmful for the baby if you undergo of an x-ray while pregnancy.

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Are you in trouble due to infertility issues? IVF can be your solution

Medical science is now very much advanced than it was before. This advancement has been very useful for all the people to take care of their health and to overcome a lot of difficulties in the health. We all use and utilize all the contributions of science in our everyday life. Taking about the medical science, it has helped to increase the life span of people in the world. We all are very much thankful to the science.

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In Vitro Fertilization is a very significant one of them. This process helps those women who can never conceive due to infertility issues. Those couples have now been able to have a baby. This process has been proved as the most effective process for reproductive issue. Pregnancy is a very memorable period of life for a couple. In this period, the woman may have many difficulties and complications in the health but this is the most enjoyable time in life when you are carrying a new life I your body and going to give birth. At this time, you need to take care of you health to be energetic and healthy to care of the new one.

IVF is no doubt a complicated procedure to go through. A person, who is not well-aware about medical treatments, will not be able to understand the process. You need to consult with the doctor regarding health issues and infertility problems. Do not come down to any conclusion before visiting to a specialist. First try to know the ivf procedure and then visit to a doctor. As per his suggestion and recommendation, take any decision.

Having trouble to understand the entire process of IVF? Read the below mentioned points attentively-

Step 1: IVF is not a very lengthy process if your body permits. It takes between four weeks to two months and the entire process depending on your body how it responds to the treatment. At first, the suppressed natural menstrual cycle will take place in the procedure. This process is generally done with a daily hormonal injection or nasal spray.

Step 2: In the next step, there will be ovarian stimulation. After that the doctor will collect the eggs and will keep it in the laboratory to fertile it with the sperm.

Step 3: Then the fertilization process will take place in the laboratory. The collected egg will be immediately fertilized in the laboratory, and the egg will be left for six days.

Step 4: Once the egg is fertilized, it will be implanted in your ovary.  This process generally takes place in a non-surgical process.

Step 5: After some days, the doctor will test to see if the embryo is implanted successfully or not.

Step 6: A very important thing to know that apart from medication and various procedures, the patient needs to visit to the doctor frequently for different tests etc for ensuring a safe pregnancy.

More to know-

Take care of your relationship: Infertility is a major issue in a relationship. It can be male infertility, female infertility or both. This can bring atoll in your relationship. But do not let any problem to create confusions between you too. Al ways look for some solution. If the problem is infertility then IVF is there to help you.

Normal things to happen: This process will be very stressful. The entire period will be very exhausting for the couple. Try to control your sense always to release the stress. You may have severe mood swings about do not worry at all about this. This is very normal thing o happen with a woman in this period.

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Are you unable to be a father due to infertility issue? This will no more be a resistance for parenthood

Are you unable to be a father? Do not be afraid. There are many treatments of to get cure from any infertility problem and if it is not being possible to have a baby in natural way then IVF (in vitro fertilization) is there to help you out from infertility problem. IVF is being very popular and preferable to those couples who cannot be pregnant in natural way.Image result for This will no more be a resistance for parenthood







At first we need to understand what infertility is. If a couple is having unprotected sex since one year and still are not being able to get pregnant then infertility is detected. This problem can be from both the side. There may be male infertility or female infertility or can be both.

What is male infertility?

Today we will discuss and mainly focus on male infertility. Male infertility happens due to low sperm production, any blockage that prevents the delivery of sperm and low sperm production. Other factors like injuries, illness, lifestyle choice, illness and others also can have an impact on the health.

It will be very frustrating period of life if you will not be able to conceive a child. But male infertility treatments are now available everywhere. Thank to the advancement of medical science. If you are suffering from this problem then look for the best ivf doctor Kolkata to get the best treatment and guidance regarding the process. This is a very difficult process so you need an experienced one to make it successful.

Symptoms of male infertility:

There are no such significant symptoms that will indicate towards male infertility. The main symptom of this is the inability to conceive a child. You won’t notice any other symptoms other than difficulty in conceiving a child. Other than that, inherited disorders, dilated veins, hormonal imbalance etc are the symptoms of male infertility.

You may feel pain in the testicle area. Inability to smell properly, abnormal growth of breast, low sperm count, hair fall of entire body can also be the symptoms. But it will be always better to go to the doctor t know the actual reason.

Major causes:

Drug intake: If you take drugs then it may be the reason of lower sperm production. Inhaling cocaine or marijuana may be the reason of small sperm count as well.

Alcohol consumption: Do not have alcohol at all. Having alcohol in a large quantity may lead to men infertility. Alcohol consumption also causes lever diseases and lever disease can cause infertility too.

Quit smoking: Those men, who smoke a lot, usually produce low sperm count than those who don’t smoke. Secondary smoke can also be a reason of males’ infertility that can be controlled by anyone.

Stress factor: There are certain hormones in your body which are needed to produce sperm and those can be affected if a person is under excessive stress.

Obesity: Take care of your weight. If you gain more weight then it can also be a problem regarding fertility issue. Being over-weight may lead to infertility issues.

Try to skip and leave all the harmful habits and to practice all the healthy things that will not be a resistance to have a baby. There are many people who add a lot of unhealthy problems to their life-style. Do not be one among them Stay healthy and lead a healthy life. If you are planning to have a baby then visit to a doctor to get the best guidance and to avoid any complication in your family planning.

If there is any acute problem that is very difficult to get cured from them IVF will the best option to have a bay.

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Enjoy motherhood; the essence of womanhood. There will be no more resistance to be blessed with a child.

Mothers are the inseparable part of our life. They are the one to whom we can be ourselves. We do not have to pretend anything in front of her. We can be ourselves and she will accept as we are. We can share the happiest moment as well as the saddest moment of your life. At the moment of success and failure, mother is the person in the entire live who will accept the fact and will keep on encouraging the child. Mother is the one whom we depend from before getting birth. She carries her child in her womb before giving birth and takes care for the child till her last breath.

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As our mothers are the most important part of our life, the children are also the most important people of their life. Motherhood is the essence of womanhood. Before being a mom, one needs to know the importance and the duty of a mother to grow up a child in proper way. A mom plays different roles at different stages of life as the child grows up.

Being a mother is the best feeling in the world. During pregnancy, a lot of change in the body takes place and a pregnant woman can feels every movement of the little one that is growing up into her womb. But in today’s world, a lot of women face infertility problems. There may be male infertility also. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) plays a major role in this case. First try to know about ivf procedure and then take the final decision. If you are unable to conceive due to infertility issue then IVF will be the best option.

Importance of mother in our life-

Role of a mom: Being a mother is considered as a divine role of a woman’s life. Mothers play a major role in influencing their children and also in the society in the long run. Mother nurtures a child and teaches to the child the different between good and bad. This way she makes the world a better place. Because of mothers, the babies get birth and get a life.

Best teacher: Mothers are the best teacher in life who teaches the right and goods thing for the entire life in the classroom in the entire journey of life. Mothers shape the world for their kids by guiding in the right way and by giving then valuable advices which are very important in our life.

Grows up confidence: Mothers helps o grow up the confidence in the child so that they can take the decision they want and live their life as they want to. They always give them a felling that they will always be there to stand by our sides till the time we are doing something right.

Supporting nature: Mothers are the most supportive one we get in our life. Their valuable advices always are helpful at the time of making any decision. Their words have a lot of power. We can get lessons from the words and need to remember those throughout the life to be on the right side for the entire life.

Well- wisher: There will be no one in life who can think of you better than your mom. She will always be praying to the almighty for your well-being and all the good things for you. Mothers keeps their children at the top of the priority list.

Be blessed with a child with the help of IVF

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Proper parenting is important to grow up a child in proper way

The toughest job of parents is to bring up a child in the proper way. You will never have tougher job in life than this. It is not at all good to get angry or to argue with someone in a very bad way in front of your children it may affect on then in a diverse way. If you disagree for something then explain the reason. If you are a parent or planning to move forward to it then you must know how to grow a child properly. Children are the future of the nation and they will be the responsible citizen of the future world. So they have a huge task to do in their life. So being a parent, it must be your first look out how to make an ideal person out of him or her.


If you are facing any problem regarding pregnancy then visit to a doctor as soon as possible. If you find that there is an acute infertility problem, then try IVF to have a bay. Infertility cannot be a problem or resistance for being parent. Know about the IVF procedure and decide if you are comfortable with this or not.

Limits and choices: You need to make you children understand the fact that the decision the parents take are for their well being only. As they grow up, they have more says about what is happening in their life. It is always better to let them to take some decision and you can guide then throughout the way. They will learn to differentiate between good and bad and this will be very helpful for them in the long run. Try some situation in home where you will let them to take some decision and check if they can take the right decision or not. Guide then according to that.

Mean what you say: You have to take the responsibilities of your words. Do not make any false promises to your children. This will encourage them to tell lies and they will be habituated with telling lies. Always try to fulfill the promises and to keep your words so that the children do not get accustomed with lies. It will be better if you do family works with them. Involve then in some works and this will be helpful to build their confidence.

Talk to the children: Talking to the children will be helpful for their proper growth. If your children feel familiar with you then they will start speaking with you about their habits and daily routine. You will get to know every single aspect about then in this way. The benefits of this are, you can be aware if there is anything harmful for them and can also tell them about the risk factors.

Show interest on them: Every parent takes the utmost interest on their children, but you need to show at some point of time. If the children feel that you value them a lot then they will start to share their views and thoughts with you. Feeling valuable to the parents is very important to have a healthy relationship with each other.

Be honest and fair: Try to maintain your honesty throughout the life. This will always be good for your impression, and it will cast a great impact on your children they will feel motivated by your honest and fair image and character. Children are very quick to pick up unfair and dishonesty. So be very careful about that and maintain the right and positive things throughout the way.

Infertility will no more be a resistance to be a parent

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