Reasons Why Surrogacy in India has Taken a Lift


India has become very popular in the last few years as the popular medical tourism destination of the world. The major reason of this, are the world class treatments at a cheap pricing. As like other treatments, IVF treatment in India is also very much cheap in India. In addition to this, surrogacy in India, especially the commercial surrogacy is not prohibited as like many other countries. Therefore, the combination of the high-class treatment and the easy availability of the surrogate mothers make India as one of the popular destination for surrogacy in the world.  In the post, I will discuss some of the primary reasons that help to boom the surrogacy market in India.

Couples, especially from the outer countries come to India and hires local Indian woman womb to carry the embryos of them until birth. As there is no regulated industry in India, thus single parent and same sex couple can also go for the surrogacy that makes it more popular among the foreigners. Since 2002, India is the country where the women can let their womb for carrying someone else’s baby against money. The embryo is placed in the surrogate mother’s womb through the process of the IVF or embryo transfer.

India has come up with one of the best clinical expertise in the world. The IVF process needs a qualified technological expertise both clinically and laboratory. The renowned gynaecological experts mostly handle the clinical side of the IVF clinics. In most of the clinics the doctors are competent in the field of the reproductive medicines. They utilise the expertise in order to give the best treatments to the patients.

In India, there are lots of experienced embryologists who takes the proper care of the eggs and the sperms as well as of the embryos in the IVF laboratory. Embryologists are charged with the responsibilities to taking care of the culture and nurture of the embryos until they are not place successfully in the wombs of the mothers or surrogate mothers. Many embryologists are also trained in the foreign countries as well as they have worked foreign.

In the technological aspect, also the Indian clinics are providing the clients an extraordinary service than of the others. The total process of the IVF is complete dependent on the different aspect of the technological advancement. The total process of IVF requires a qualified and experienced embryologist along with best quality of equipments and consumables. Most of the Indian IVF clinics are equipped with such kind of facilities. The clinics order IVF equipment from the foreign countries to provide the best support for their clients.

Another must mention reason for India as becoming the IVF hub of the world is because the higher success rate. Due to the use of the best of the equipments under the supervision of the highly qualified doctors and embryologists, the success rate of IVF is worth mentioning. However, the process of IVF is longer than the general case of the pregnancies.

Finally, the cost for the IVF in India is much lesser than the costs in any other part of the world. However, as I have already mentioned the standard of the process is not less than the world standard.  It nearly takes around 10000 to 12000 US dollars for the treatment for IVF at per circle in US, whereas in India every cycle costs around barely 3000 to 4000 US dollars. The surrogate mothers also charge much lesser than in the other countries. Overall, all the different reasons collectively makes India the favoured nation of the parents seeking for IVF treatment worldwide.

So, in this post we have seen that why most of the parents are seeking India for the IVF treatment. However, if the laws will get tighter, then it will surely affect the market of surrogacy in the country.